Entretien des ambassadeurs de l’UE avec le gouvernement moldave sur l’invalidation des élections municipales

Le chef de la Délégation de l’UE et l’ensemble des représentants des pays membres de l’UE ont communiqué vendredi 6 juillet leur position au gouvernement de Pavel Filip quant à l’invalidation des élections à Chisinau. Ci-dessous le texte transmis en anglais :

"The EU Ambassador and the Ambassadors of the EU Member States in Chisinau met today PM Pavel Filip and the members of the Cabinet of Ministers in order to inform about the position of the EU after the invalidation of elections for the mayorship of Chisinau. The European Ambassadors reiterated the messages expressed by HRVP Mogherini and Cssr Hahn in their joint statement, as well as the concerns in the capitals of the member states that the decision to invalidate and the way it was taken deprives the citizens of Chisinau from the mayor democratically elected on 3 June 2018. Such decisions undermine the trust of the citizens in the state institutions as was stressed also by the European Parliament in its resolution on the Republic of Moldova adopted on 5 July. On this occasion, it was underlined the need for the authorities of the Republic of Moldova to find democratic ways of solving this unprecedented situation. It was also recalled the EU expectation that the authorities of the Republic of Moldova would guarantee judicial independence in line with its international commitments as one of the key principles of the rule of law, a crucial element of democracy, and a long-standing expectation of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. The EU and its Member States will continue to monitor with great attention the reform process and the functioning of the state institutions in the Republic of Moldova and the implementation of the Association Agreement, which has as a purpose the improvement of the lives of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. At the same time, it was reminded about the announcement of the European Commission that until the political pre-conditions related to democracy, rule of law and human rights are met, the payment of the first tranche of the MFA remains put on hold."

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